Aloha and mahalo for visiting my website. My name is Rich Ikerd and one of my passions is travel and nature photography: urbanscapes, landscapes, birds and wildlife.

I grew up in Hawai‘i where my interest in photography was first kindled with a Nikkormat EL SLR brought home from Japan by my father. Since then I have loved traveling to special places and trying to capture the essence of those places. In ancient Hawai`i, certain places throughout the islands were known to have great spriritual power or mana. These places, known as wahi pana, were treated with great reverence and respect. All across the world there are many wahi pana that inspire each of us and bring a sense of peace and wonderment when we are in their presence. Through my photography I attempt to capture a small essence of the wahi pana that I have been fortunate enough to visit or see. I hope that, if you have not had the opportunity to visit the wahi pana shown on these pages, my images will help you feel a small part of their magical power.

Mahalo for taking time to visit my site.

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